HILLARY TROY | engagement

To say we love these two is an understatement.  They are so cool and at the same time kind and unassuming.  Just the fact that when Hillary explains her wedding gown she says, “BAM!” gets us excited.  We also love that Troy is a ‘hands-on groom’ that started a blog early on which keeps us laughing everytime we read it.

Nate had a great time shooting with Hillary and Troy in Chicago.  And despite their nerves, they look hot.  Along with Monica Richard of Detail & Design,  they are planning a sensational wedding in September at the Marion County Library downtown.   Cannot wait for this extragavanza. Enjoy!


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October 14, 2009 @ 11:17 pm

[...] is nothing about this wedding that was not spectacular starting with the couple. Hillary and Troy are one of those couples that we will keep in contact with for years. We just clicked, and we [...]

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