AGNETHA + KENNETH | destination wedding

When we found out we would be returning to Sweden for Helena’s sisters wedding (her brother Jonas wed the previous year), we were excited.

The couple wed in an old church surrounded by pasture and horses. The ceremony was lovely with beautiful songs, spoken entirely in Swedish. Even though I didn’t understand a word, I knew exactly what was being said. The newlyweds received hugs and kisses, along with a rice shower. They then saddled a WWII BMW motorcycle with sidecar and sped off.

A Swedish wedding is different than weddings in the United States. The majority of Swedish weddings (my wedding included) are smaller affairs in which only immediate family and close friends are guests. The reception is full of speeches, skits, sing-a-longs, slide shows, and the drinking of Aquavit.

I cannot express the love I have for my wife’s country, her family, and our friends. It is such a wonderful place.

The perks of having a photographer in the family is obvious. The downside is that it has taken me eight months to finish their images. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for never complaining.



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