HEATHER + IAN | engagement

Heather is an enormous part of our family as she watches my children several days a week.  She provides them with an incredible influence, and is a lot of fun.  She can just as easily fight bad guys with my youngest son as chase after the twins with loving arms.  In honor of their upcoming anniversary, we photographed she and her husband, Ian.  A loving, warm couple.  Enjoy!


BROWN | family

We met Stacy several years ago at her cousin’s wedding.  We were glad to get back in touch, especially to grab some images of her two favorite pups.


HUNTER | family

The Hunter Family was thankfully recently reunited with eachother upon Scott’s return from Iraq.  Deployments can always be difficult…especially when a young boy misses his dad.  This was a celebration of a warm welcome home.  Congratulations on being a family again!


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