Kathy Keeling, owner of K2 Yoga, has quite a niche for wedding parties that we learned about recently. We asked Kathy the following questions…


What are the benefits of starting out your wedding day with yoga?
Yoga is an amazing way to begin your wedding day and create an unforgettable memory. I have experienced brides and bridesmaids really come together and have fun and start the day energized and refreshed with a yoga session. The benefits of yoga, including improved posture and flexibility, toned muscles, and of course, relaxation, make it a perfect pre-wedding workout. It is a great way to quiet your mind, gently move your body, and set your intention to have a beautiful day.

Do you have to be experienced in yoga to have a bridal yoga session?
No yoga experience is necessary. It is my hope to inspire those who have never done yoga before to give it a try, and really have a great time. It’s all about what feels best for you in that moment. I offer gentle poses that flow the body and breath together. I also play a great mix of music to relax and energize the session and read something inspirational to begin the session. By joining the mind, body, and breath with gentle stretching, yoga can be very powerful in realizing the importance of living in the moment, feeling gratitude, awakening the senses, and experiencing joy.

How much space is needed for the session?
Small and intimate spaces with dim lighting work well for bridal sessions. It can be a simple room in your home or hotel, a studio, or an outdoor garden. The possibilities are endless!

How did you start leading bridal yoga sessions?
One of my yoga students was planning her wedding and asked me to lead a class for her and her bridesmaids the morning before her wedding. It was so much fun and gave them a time to come together to release any tension, and bring forth good energy, enthusiasm and love. That’s what the day is all about. Love.

What is included in your bridal sessions?
I specifically designed a Bridal Bliss Yoga Session that includes:

- 1 Hour Yoga Session for Bride and guests with special readings, inspiration, and music
- Mood enhancing candles (if desired)
- Each guest gets delicious gourmet chocolates to end the session

Depending on the number of guests, the price ranges from $150-300.


Kathy Keeling has been a student of yoga for 18 years and is trained in Hatha Yoga and the Yogafit Method. She leads private and group yoga sessions in the Indianapolis area.  To find out more about her Bridal Bliss Yoga Sessions, please contact her at or 317-374-6116 or visit her yoga blog.

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