ISES LUNCHEON | industry

We were happy to spend an afternoon with our professional colleagues from the Indiana Chapter of the International Special Events Society at the Allison Mansion on Marian University campus.

ISESLuncheon2014-_0001 ISESLuncheon2014-_0002 ISESLuncheon2014-_0003 ISESLuncheon2014-_0004 ISESLuncheon2014-_0005 ISESLuncheon2014-_0005a ISESLuncheon2014-_0005c ISESLuncheon2014-_0006 ISESLuncheon2014-_0006a ISESLuncheon2014-_0008 ISESLuncheon2014-_0012 ISESLuncheon2014-_0013 ISESLuncheon2014-_0014ISESLuncheon2014-_0015 ISESLuncheon2014-_0016 ISESLuncheon2014-_0017

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