TIM + JOHN | wedding

While Indianapolis has become their home, Tim is from New England and John from California.  Last December they were formally wed in Massachusetts but wanted to host a reception locally for their friends and family.  We were happy to take part in this early Sunday morning affair at The Manor beside the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.  They decided to keep it casual and fun with many outdoor games that the guests could participate in.  When asked what made them unique, we loved the quote they used from movie Harry Met Sally, ”When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”.

GoodmanWedding2014-_0001 GoodmanWedding2014-_0002 GoodmanWedding2014-_0003 GoodmanWedding2014-_0004 GoodmanWedding2014-_0005 GoodmanWedding2014-_0006 GoodmanWedding2014-_0007 GoodmanWedding2014-_0008 GoodmanWedding2014-_0009 GoodmanWedding2014-_0010 GoodmanWedding2014-_0011GoodmanWedding2014-_0012 GoodmanWedding2014-_0013 GoodmanWedding2014-_0014 GoodmanWedding2014-_0015 GoodmanWedding2014-_0017 GoodmanWedding2014-_0018 GoodmanWedding2014-_0019 GoodmanWedding2014-_0020GoodmanWedding2014-_0021 GoodmanWedding2014-_0022 GoodmanWedding2014-_0023GoodmanWedding2014-_0024 GoodmanWedding2014-_0025GoodmanWedding2014-_0026 GoodmanWedding2014-_0027 GoodmanWedding2014-_0028 GoodmanWedding2014-_0029 GoodmanWedding2014-_0030 GoodmanWedding2014-_0031 GoodmanWedding2014-_0032 GoodmanWedding2014-_0033


Lindsay and Matthew had a beautiful wedding full of classic and traditional details that reflected their style.  They even played off of their tandem bike as a design element.  We loved the softness of both her gown against the bridesmaids. Lindsay remained absolutely stunning the entire day.  Matthew looked at her in awe.  They really are such a handsome couple to photograph.  There were so many special, fun moments we were able to witness.  It was especially sweet to watch Lindsay with her parents.  They clearly have a special relationship.

As the ceremony began, Matthew seemed to be experiencing every emotion as he watched his bride transcend the aisle.  We love the church for its’ intimate setting and beautiful red door.  Their bubble exit into the trolley was a perfect transition to a wedding party adventure prior to the reception beginning.  Because the reception was held at the Library, they played off of the paper and book theme.  It was a great reception that ended with an awesome sparkler exit.


CHURCH | Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  VENUE | The Indianapolis Public Library.  GOWN | Lazaro.  SUITS | Bacharach.  SHOES | Ivanka Trump.  JEWELER | Reis Nichols.  CATERERS | Thomas Caterers of Distinction.  FLORALS | Posh Petals.  BAND | Soul Street.  CUPCAKES | GiGi’s Cupcakes.  RENTALS | A Classic.  LIGHTING | Markey’s.

PavellWedding2014-_0001 PavellWedding2014-_0002 PavellWedding2014-_0003 PavellWedding2014-_0003a PavellWedding2014-_0004 PavellWedding2014-_0005 PavellWedding2014-_0006 PavellWedding2014-_0009 PavellWedding2014-_0010 PavellWedding2014-_0012 PavellWedding2014-_0011PavellWedding2014-_0013PavellWedding2014-_0015 PavellWedding2014-_0016 PavellWedding2014-_0018 PavellWedding2014-_0017 PavellWedding2014-_0019 PavellWedding2014-_0020 PavellWedding2014-_0021 PavellWedding2014-_0022 PavellWedding2014-_0023 PavellWedding2014-_0024 PavellWedding2014-_0025 PavellWedding2014-_0026 PavellWedding2014-_0027 PavellWedding2014-_0028 PavellWedding2014-_0029 PavellWedding2014-_0030PavellWedding2014-_0031 PavellWedding2014-_0032 PavellWedding2014-_0033 PavellWedding2014-_0034 PavellWedding2014-_0035 PavellWedding2014-_0037 PavellWedding2014-_0036 PavellWedding2014-_0039PavellWedding2014-_0040 PavellWedding2014-_0038 PavellWedding2014-_0049 PavellWedding2014-_0050 PavellWedding2014-_0051 PavellWedding2014-_0052 PavellWedding2014-_0053 PavellWedding2014-_0053a PavellWedding2014-_0054 PavellWedding2014-_0056 PavellWedding2014-_0057PavellWedding2014-_0058 PavellWedding2014-_0059 PavellWedding2014-_0060PavellWedding2014-_0041 PavellWedding2014-_0042 PavellWedding2014-_0043 PavellWedding2014-_0044PavellWedding2014-_0045 PavellWedding2014-_0046PavellWedding2014-_0047PavellWedding2014-_0061PavellWedding2014-_0064 PavellWedding2014-_0062 PavellWedding2014-_0063 PavellWedding2014-_0065 PavellWedding2014-_0066 PavellWedding2014-_0067 PavellWedding2014-_0068 PavellWedding2014-_0069 PavellWedding2014-_0070 PavellWedding2014-_0072 PavellWedding2014-_0073 PavellWedding2014-_0074



We love Kathleen and Charlie.  We had the best day with them.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Indianapolis skyline.  After the very large wedding party and gaggle of children walked down the aisle to Here Comes The Sun, it will undoubtedly go down as the most humorous ceremony, officiated by James Hinchcliffe, we will remember. He tastefully provided a significant amount of comic relief while keeping the sanctity of the ceremony intact.

After the ceremony along the Washington Street Bridge, the guests paraded along the canal to Canal 337.  We had a ball walking with the wedding party, stealing fun images when we could of both the party and Kathleen and Charlie.  Once we arrived, they took their first dance outside while all guests watched.

The reception was filled with fun…and not just dancing…but games.  It was a total celebration fit for them.  CONGRATULATIONS!

WEDDING PLANNER | Gene Huddleson of Detail & Design.  VENUE | Canal 337.  JEWELER | George Thompson Diamond Company.  CATERING | Thomas Caterers of Distinction.  FLORAL | Detail & Design. GOWNS | M.H.Pomander’s.  SHOES | Manolo Blahnik.  TUXEDOS | Leon’s Tailoring.  CAKE  | Simply Perfection Cakes.

ThompsonWed2014-_0001 ThompsonWed2014-_0002ThompsonWed2014-_0003 ThompsonWed2014-_0004 ThompsonWed2014-_0005ThompsonWed2014-_0006 ThompsonWed2014-_0007 ThompsonWed2014-_0008 ThompsonWed2014-_0010 ThompsonWed2014-_0011 ThompsonWed2014-_0012 ThompsonWed2014-_0014 ThompsonWed2014-_0015 ThompsonWed2014-_0016 ThompsonWed2014-_0017ThompsonWed2014-_0018 ThompsonWed2014-_0019 ThompsonWed2014-_0020 ThompsonWed2014-_0021 ThompsonWed2014-_0022 ThompsonWed2014-_0023 ThompsonWed2014-_0024 ThompsonWed2014-_0025 ThompsonWed2014-_0026 ThompsonWed2014-_0026a ThompsonWed2014-_0027 ThompsonWed2014-_0028 ThompsonWed2014-_0029 ThompsonWed2014-_0030 ThompsonWed2014-_0031 ThompsonWed2014-_0031a ThompsonWed2014-_0031v ThompsonWed2014-_0033 ThompsonWed2014-_0034ThompsonWed2014-_0037 ThompsonWed2014-_0038 ThompsonWed2014-_0039 ThompsonWed2014-_0040 ThompsonWed2014-_0041 ThompsonWed2014-_0042 ThompsonWed2014-_0043 ThompsonWed2014-_0044 ThompsonWed2014-_0045ThompsonWed2014-_0046 ThompsonWed2014-_0046aThompsonWed2014-_0047 ThompsonWed2014-_0048 ThompsonWed2014-_0049 ThompsonWed2014-_0050 ThompsonWed2014-_0051 ThompsonWed2014-_0053ThompsonWed2014-_0054 ThompsonWed2014-_0055 ThompsonWed2014-_0056ThompsonWed2014-_0057 ThompsonWed2014-_0058ThompsonWed2014-_0060 ThompsonWed2014-_0061ThompsonWed2014-_0062 ThompsonWed2014-_0063 ThompsonWed2014-_0064 ThompsonWed2014-_0065 ThompsonWed2014-_0066 ThompsonWed2014-_0067aThompsonWed2014-_0067 ThompsonWed2014-_0067b ThompsonWed2014-_0068 ThompsonWed2014-_0069 ThompsonWed2014-_0071 ThompsonWed2014-_0072 ThompsonWed2014-_0074ThompsonWed2014-_0073 ThompsonWed2014-_0076 ThompsonWed2014-_0077 ThompsonWed2014-_0078 ThompsonWed2014-_0079 ThompsonWed2014-_0080 ThompsonWed2014-_0081 ThompsonWed2014-_0082 ThompsonWed2014-_0083 ThompsonWed2014-_0084ThompsonWed2014-_0085 ThompsonWed2014-_0086ThompsonWed2014-_0095 ThompsonWed2014-_0087 ThompsonWed2014-_0091 ThompsonWed2014-_0092 ThompsonWed2014-_0093 ThompsonWed2014-_0094 ThompsonWed2014-_0095a ThompsonWed2014-_0097ThompsonWed2014-_0088 ThompsonWed2014-_0089 ThompsonWed2014-_0090 ThompsonWed2014-_0100 ThompsonWed2014-_0101 ThompsonWed2014-_0102 ThompsonWed2014-_0103 ThompsonWed2014-_0111 ThompsonWed2014-_0113 ThompsonWed2014-_0105 ThompsonWed2014-_0106 ThompsonWed2014-_0107 ThompsonWed2014-_0108 ThompsonWed2014-_0109 ThompsonWed2014-_0110



COURTNEY + JACK | wedding

Courtney and Jack are full of love for many things, but they most enjoy…family, entertaining, and travel.  Admittedly, they both are Type-A personalities with significant drive but they love to unplug for an afternoon on the lake or slip to Vegas for a few days of gambling.  Courtney’s quote is perfect, “We are the personification of fireworks!”  We found them to be equally magnetic, generous, and kind.

When it was time to determine a location for their wedding, their home was the perfect choice.  It is where they are most comfortable with their friends and family.  They, along with the team of professionals, transitioned it into something completely unexpected and beautiful.

Courtney’s mother, a Canadian Justice, presided over the ceremony.  She surprisingly supplied a significant amount of comic relief for all the guests as they watched Courtney and Jack marry.

You run the risk of fighting inclement weather with all outdoor weddings.  This was certainly the case for Courtney and Jack but the thunder clouds swooped in shortly after the ceremony, poured, and then provided a perfect sunset.

We were so happy to be part of their day.  CONGRATULATIONS!

VENUE | Private Estate.  WEDDING PLANNER | TC Black.  BRANDING AND PAPER | KB Design.  JEWELER | Moyer Fine Jewelers.  CUSTOM GOWN | Jason Omelian.  SHOES | Christian Louboutin.  FLORALS | Alan Thompson with McNamara.  LIGHTING AND DECOR | Evans Audio Visual.  CATERING | Kahn’s Catering.  CAKE | Classic Cakes.  MUSICIANS | Cocktail Sax Band.  HARPIST | Jan Clark.  TENT AND RENTALS | A Classic Rentals.

ClarkWed2014-_0001 ClarkWed2014-_0002 ClarkWed2014-_0003 ClarkWed2014-_0005 ClarkWed2014-_0005A ClarkWed2014-_0006 ClarkWed2014-_0007 ClarkWed2014-_0008 ClarkWed2014-_0009 ClarkWed2014-_0010 ClarkWed2014-_0011 ClarkWed2014-_0014 ClarkWed2014-_0014a ClarkWed2014-_0015 ClarkWed2014-_0017 ClarkWed2014-_0018 ClarkWed2014-_0019 ClarkWed2014-_0020 ClarkWed2014-_0021 ClarkWed2014-_0022 ClarkWed2014-_0023 ClarkWed2014-_0024 ClarkWed2014-_0025 ClarkWed2014-_0025a ClarkWed2014-_0026 ClarkWed2014-_0027 ClarkWed2014-_0028 ClarkWed2014-_0031 ClarkWed2014-_0032 ClarkWed2014-_0033 ClarkWed2014-_0034 ClarkWed2014-_0035 ClarkWed2014-_0036 ClarkWed2014-_0037 ClarkWed2014-_0038 ClarkWed2014-_0040 ClarkWed2014-_0041 ClarkWed2014-_0042 ClarkWed2014-_0043 ClarkWed2014-_0044 ClarkWed2014-_0045 ClarkWed2014-_0046 ClarkWed2014-_0047 ClarkWed2014-_0048 ClarkWed2014-_0049 ClarkWed2014-_0049b ClarkWed2014-_00049b ClarkWed2014-_0050 ClarkWed2014-_0051 ClarkWed2014-_0052 ClarkWed2014-_0054 ClarkWed2014-_0055 ClarkWed2014-_0056 ClarkWed2014-_0057 ClarkWed2014-_0058 ClarkWed2014-_0059 ClarkWed2014-_0060 ClarkWed2014-_0060a ClarkWed2014-_0061 ClarkWed2014-_0061a ClarkWed2014-_0063 ClarkWed2014-_0065 ClarkWed2014-_0065a ClarkWed2014-_0066 ClarkWed2014-_0067 ClarkWed2014-_0068 ClarkWed2014-_0069 ClarkWed2014-_0071

BRIDGET + CORY | wedding

A backyard wedding was perfect for Bridget and Cory, especially after hearing that Bridget was most concerned with the day being a strong representation of the commitment they were making to each other. At the end of the night, her hope was to have horrible smile lines because she hadn’t stopped genuinely smiling for 12 hours.  I think the mission was accomplished.  They had fun all day long.

The guests were welcomed to try their family’s wine so a strong burgundy color scheme was pervasive throughout the event.  In addition, they added special DIY touches with wine corks.  Cory also made the light-up LOVE sign that guests were able to take pictures by.

They are music lovers so having the band, The Impala’s play was a perfect match. CONGRATULATIONS!

VENUE | Mom and Dad’s backyard.  WEDDING PLANNER | Lindsay Romack of Ooh La La Events.  FLORALS | Ooh La La Events.  CATERING | MBP Catering.  CAKE | Classic Cakes.  TENT AND LINEN RENTALS | A Classic Rentals.

BeltrameWed2014-_0001 BeltrameWed2014-_0002 BeltrameWed2014-_0003 BeltrameWed2014-_0004 BeltrameWed2014-_0005 BeltrameWed2014-_0006 BeltrameWed2014-_0007 BeltrameWed2014-_0008 BeltrameWed2014-_0009 BeltrameWed2014-_0010 BeltrameWed2014-_0011 BeltrameWed2014-_0012BeltrameWed2014-_0013 BeltrameWed2014-_0014 BeltrameWed2014-_0015 BeltrameWed2014-_0016 BeltrameWed2014-_0017 BeltrameWed2014-_0018 BeltrameWed2014-_0019 BeltrameWed2014-_0020 BeltrameWed2014-_0021 BeltrameWed2014-_0025BeltrameWed2014-_0026 BeltrameWed2014-_0027BeltrameWed2014-_0028 BeltrameWed2014-_0029 BeltrameWed2014-_0030 BeltrameWed2014-_0031 BeltrameWed2014-_0032 BeltrameWed2014-_0035 BeltrameWed2014-_0036 BeltrameWed2014-_0038 BeltrameWed2014-_0039BeltrameWed2014-_0034 BeltrameWed2014-_0040a BeltrameWed2014-_0041 BeltrameWed2014-_0042 BeltrameWed2014-_0043 BeltrameWed2014-_0044 BeltrameWed2014-_0044a BeltrameWed2014-_0049 BeltrameWed2014-_0050 BeltrameWed2014-_0051 BeltrameWed2014-_0052



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